The scope of the International Architectural Competition for an art center, in Guangzhou, China, looks for the revitalisation and reuse of a silo in the former packaging (canning) factory complex of Redtory.
Attending the competition requirements, we concentrate on two main issues. The complexities of the identity of a creative art equipment, whth a cultural venue on one side, and a strategy for its urban settlement and exterior adjacent areas.
The architectural character of the new building is a blend of the diverse cultural, artistic scopes and the metaphoric presence of the existing structure of the silo. the city of Guangzhou and the view of the river. The established connections of architectonic character are not static, but rather dynamic. We pretend an open, flexible and mutant relation that can be shaped by the use and life of the equipmente.

Competition: Revivel of the Silo
Architecture: Pedro Mendes, Tiago Marcelino Cruz


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