The project is involved on a investigation process that creates an intervention strategy called PPCPJ. On the proposal for QF the challenge is to recuperate the “natural” characteristics of the site and create a medium density model that combines its countryside past with the new urban vocation. The PPCPJ System is a concept without specific site, with infinite dimensions and infinite architectural responses.  It can be applied on an evolutional concept, once their basic elements have the capacity to structure the territory along many years or phases of construction. On the proposal for QF this set of  principles explores the capacities of 2 elements: the terrace and the wall. The terraces derive from the observation of the rural fields settled on steep areas of the island. The wall, an elementary spatial and construction part is feasible about everywhere with local  materials. The result, something close to an unfinished book story, has infinite number of combinations and possibilities.

Architecture: Pedro Mendes;
Landscape Architecture: Luís Silva;
Collaboration: Pedro Marques Alves, Patrícia Horta, João Pedro Marques, Cátia Ferrão

2006 - ...
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