The project responds to a requalification of a green zone in the Bairro da Ouressa- Mem Martins, Sintra,  enclosing about 10 534m2. The proposal attends to value aesthetics and functional aspects in the existing space, strengthening the relationship between the intervention areas. The project defines Polar Regions of attraction/ animation for diversified users, as remaining zones, informal leisure spaces and recreation/ sports areas.
Architecture: Pedro Mendes;
Colaboradores: Patrícia Horta, Nelson Martins
Landscape Architecture: Anabela Guedes;
Structural Engineering: ARA, Alves Rodrigues & Associados, Lda Fernando Rodrigues;
Water and Sewage Networks: Águas e Esgotos: Manuel Motta;
Electricity:  António Trindade – Serviços de Engenharia Electrotécnica e Electrónica, Lda; Eng. António José Antunes Trindade
Photographs: Pedro Mendes
2003 - 2008
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