An urban plot facing south. 
A slab of bare concrete resting on the highest part of the land acts as the cover the grounds floor. Placed on this square suspended platform ate two bulky volumes separated by a transparent block which contains the stairs. On the north side of the square three bedrooms and supporting toilets are evenly distributed, which face out to the south onto a grassy patio. Next to the patio is the dining room and living room in a single space set out by a glass wall. The whole group is crossed by a distribution path/ gallery with two significant features: to the north a glass block marks out the two-storey high access to the upper floor, and to the south three lantern-lights proclaim the winter garden. On the upper floor two bodies separated by the by the two-storey drop of the access stairs. On the west side a block of bedrooms, similar to the ground floor; on the east side an atelier with a lantern-light facing north. To the south, on the concrete slab left on view, there is a large terrace suspended from the pine trees on the green lawn.
Client: private;
Architecture: Pedro Mendes;
Collaboration: André Lauret, Patrícia Horta, Karin Pereira, Tiago Tomás (3D);
Structural Engineering: Fernando Rodrigues;
Electricity, Gas and Air Conditioning: António Frazão;
Building Contractor: Nagyconstroi;
Photographs: Rita Burmester

1998 - 2003
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