The project for the Community Centre and Exterior Spaces fits in a set of equipments that intent to reuse this urban area and to endow it with the necessary public equipment. The project intents to revitalize the urban structure and the living ambience of the intervention area.
The proposal has the main intents to: 1. Revitalize the existing urban structure through the creation of a natural platform, 2. Renaturation of the  former topography by restoring  the land natural morphology, 3. Implant the building in the north limit, defining an urban front for the square allowing an exterior space of leisure in the interior of the block, 4.Redesign the walk through passages between different squares, 5. Establish a formal  hierarchy to control the relations between the existing buildings and the green park.

Client: Sintra Town Hall;
Architecture: Pedro Mendes, Sílvia Namorado (tender stage);
Collaboration: Patrícia Horta, André Lauret (model), Karin Pereira, Nelson Martins ;
Landscape Architecture: Carla Moura;
Structural Engineering: Fernando Rodrigues;
Water and Sewage Networks: Tecnopert, Projectos e Planeamento, Lda.;
Electricity, Gas and Air Conditioning: Tecnopert, Projectos e Planeamento, Lda.;
Building Contractor: Construtora San José, SA.; 
Photographs: Rita Burmester

1998 - 2009

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