A multi purpose pavilion to accomodate artistic activities travels around the country. Different parts to be assemble are carried by a truck to various locations of the cultural program “Paideia”.
The shape of the buildings explores the skylight plasticity of industrial buildings. Light control and a large mirror define the ambience that feets the circumstance of program changes. To experience the pavilion’s space is to catch the shooting instant of a camera diaphragm.
The structural system is meant to emphasize the lightness of this ephemeral structure ensuring its flexibility as well as quick and easy assembly of the pavilion. The construction process is based on an evolutionary system that combines different prefabricated elements. Its construction will be phased and its assembly facilitated by the small size of the elements: metal profiles (structure), side panels tamponade (viroc) and metal roof on shed (trusses) coated plates "Chaperfil".
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