106 Corpo Santo apartment, Lisboa
Client: Private;
Architecture: Pedro Mendes
Cristina Gómez, Urbino Santos
Photographs: Rita Burmester

The parameters of the apartment remodeling focus on the transformation of an atelier into an apartment. The architectural nature of the proposal is based on the maximum re-use of the existing one, leading to minimal intervention. Its materialization manifests itself in the preservation of the fluidity of the existing open space, punctuated by small interventions. The relations established are are not static, but rather dynamic. We want to establish open and flexible relationships. We look for a mutant character that molds and adapts to the life and different uses of the apartment.
We develop the overlap of existing materiality and spatiality with the abstract forms and the sensory aspects that derive from profuse natural and artificial light. The result materializes in the presence of a fluid space that articulates the living, eating, sleeping and bathing areas. The image, next to an immaterial artifact, is obtained by the superposition of materials, textures and colors. Much of the furniture is reused in the new apartment. New elements are added and a kitchenette is built.
The shape and identity of the various spaces are constructed by the variations and overlapping combinations of a cylindrical structure, a large central table and a blue petrol door. A piece of furniture from the beginning of XX century, a longitudinal panel on the wall and a suspended line of light establish the immutable references of the space.
The character of the spaces develops around the concepts of flexibility, fluidity, transparency and opacity. The moving cylindrical room, built on wheels, symbolizes the articulation of the project principles for the remodeling of the apartment.
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